Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hare Rad Cloud

Hola niñas! Hoy les traigo uno de mis Hares más viejitos, un bello glitter rosa llamado Rad Cloud, que fue parte de la colección 2012 (ahora descontinuado). Rad Cloud es un jelly rosa imbuido de un colorido surtido de glitters: hay glitter cuadrado y hexagonal en distintos tamaños de colores morado, verde, naranja y magenta. Me encanta mucho la combinación de colores, me recuerda al frosting de los cupcakes. En esta mani lo he combinado con OPI Dutch Ya Just Love OPI. Espero les guste, gracias por leer :)
Today I have one of my older Hares to share with you. Rad Cloud was part of the Cumulus Excellence duo for Spring/Summer 2012, and it was one of the first indies I ever tried. On today's mani I paired it with OPI Dutch Ya Just Love OPI for an accent mani.
Rad Cloud is a pink milky jelly base filled with an assortment of glitters in different shapez, sizes and colors. It's kinda sheer on its own so for this mani I used 3 thin coats. There is a reasonable amount of glitter so I didn't need to fish for any and distributed evenly. I only laid my bottle upside down for a few minutes before I did my mani, because this bottle had been in storage for a while.

So let's see. We have purple and green square glitters, medium magenta hex glitters, orange and purple mini hexagonal glitters and a tiny bit of magenta micro glitter to complement it all.
I really love this polish, the pastel base and the bright glitters go so well together, they almost look like they're glowing, or cupcake frosting yumm. I have no idea why I hadn't shared this before on the blog but oh well, better late than never!

Do you have a favorite indie nail polish brand? Hare would be mine, would love to hear about yours. Thanks for reading!

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