Monday, April 28, 2014

Stamped Galaxy Nails

Hola niñas! El desafío de la semana pasada en el grupo de Facebook eran las uñas de galaxia, pero la típica que se hace con esponjado. Yo hice un poco de trampa y he aquí mi resultado. Como base usé Passion Shift de Ninja Polish, que es un esmalte multicromático con efecto holográfico que por si solo da el efecto galaxia *_* Sobre eso estampé una estrella fugaz de la placa Nailz Craze 02 con Maybelline Bold Gold y añadí otras estrellitas a mano alzada.

Hello girls! I hope you are all doing well. Over here things are great, I passed my final presentation with the highest grade, woo hoo! I'm officially a Graphic Designer now :)

So here are my nails for last week's challenge on my FB group: galaxy nails! The challenge was the standard sponging galaxy nails but I've already done that so I thought to put a spin on it.
I started with two coats of Ninja Polish Passion Shift which is an *amazing* polish. It's a multichrome blue with a strong holographic effect. In the shade the polish shifts from blue to purple and even to pink and gold on extreme angles. Under sunshine the blue and purple flash are predominant and the holographic effect is really intense (much more than in my pictures).
Once the base was dry I added the stamping using Nailz Craze 02 and Maybelline Bold Gold. The shooting star was too big for my nails, but I made it work by stamping it twice on both of my nails. I also stamped smaller stars from the same plate, but the transfer was less than ideal so I added them with a brush.
I'm super happy with this mani! Even though the holo from Passion Shift is dulled a bit from the topcoat it still is very visible under sunshine and with the multichromatic effect -wow!

A while ago I ordered some multichomatic polishes from I Love Nail Polish that should be here any day. I can't wait to try them with a holographic top coat to recreate this effect. I currently own Hits Hefesto but I've been thinking about getting Dance Legend's Top Prismatic, what do you think?

Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Hola niñas! Feliz Pascua! Espero que el conejito les haya llevado muchos chocolates. Yo me los tengo que ir a comprar más rato jajaja. En fin, les traigo un nailart para la ocasión, el que no habría sido posible sin una nueva amiga que me prestó sus plaquitas y el maravilloso glitter neon *_* Para esta mani use dos colores de base: Finger Paints Papier Maché (blanco) y Essie Lapis of Luxuy (azulito). Sobre el blanco usé dos capas de Polish me Silly - Freckles, y sobre el azul estampé los conejitos con Kleancolor Metallic Pink y la plaquita Cheeky Happy Holidays.

Happy Easter girls! I hope you had a great day. My nailart for the ocassion (I received no chocolate eggs boo! so I guess I'll be getting me some later) was possible thanks to a new nail polish buddy who I just met online and lives in my same city, we got together yesterday for an afternoon of stamping and drooling over each other's polishes lol.
 Anyway, as a base for this manicure I used two colores: Finger Paints Papier Maché and Essie Lapis of Luxury. Over the white nails I applied 2 coats of Polish Me Silly Freckles, which is an amazing assortment of neon glitters that I need to get for myself ASAP!!

Over the nails with the cornflower base I stamped these cute bunnies from the Cheeky Happy Holiday plate using Kleancolor Metallic Pink.
Overall, my application on this one could have been better, but I was busy chatting to mind these little things ;) I hope you liked today's nailart, I'll be very absent this week as my final thesis presentation is this thursday, eeek! So wish me luck and see you soon.

Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

OPI Jinx

Hola niñas, como están? Espero que muy bien. Hoy les traigo OPI Jinx que compré reciencito en DBS cuando me junté con unas amigas esmaltoadictas de mi ciudad. Jinx es un esmalte texturado color naranja/mandarina cargado con destellos dorados que a veces brillan naranjo también.

Hey girls! How are you doing? I hope all is well with you. Here I'm getting nervous because the date of my final presentation is around the corner, eeek! One part of me wants it to be over and be officially a Graphic Designer already but the other part dreads the actual presentation lol. What mani should I do for the big day?

Anyway, for today I have OPI Jinx to share with you. My local makeup store finally heard my pleas and they brought the whole line of OPI polishes, including some Liquid Sands. Jinx caught my eye right away, even though I'm not a big fan of orange (I only have another in my collection, Zoya Arizona).
OPI Jinx is a beautiful coral/tangerine sparkly textured polish. The sparkly is mostly gold, but it also flashes orange. It goes on as a bright orange but as it dries it turns into a softer, coral-y, shade. It was very easy to apply and opaque in two coats. It also dries very quickly and to a beautiful matte sparkly finish.
I love this kind of sparkly texture, it's so fn watching the glitter glint in different shades as I move my fingers. The texture is not too horribly distracting and it doesn't bother me in my everyday activities. For this mani I used the Essence Peel Off Basecoat, so the wearing wasn't vert good, but it was very easy to remove, so it's good for me.
Overall, I'm really happy with this bright, cheerful Liquid Sand polish. It makes for a very easy and quick mani. Are you a fan of textured polishes?

Thanks for reading! :)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Vintage Roses...ish

Hola! Hoy les traigo un nailart que para mí es como medio fail, pero es la primera vez que lo hago así que digamos que echando a perder se aprende jajaja. Hace poco me uní a un grupo de esmalteadictas chilenas en Facebook y todos los domingos se plantea un "desafío", el de la semana pasada era hacer un nailart con flores "vintage" y esta es mi versión. Como base usé Etienne Half Creme y las rosas fueron hechas con OPI Flower to Flower, Finger Paints Papier Maché y Essence Viva la Green, añadí además unos puntitos en dorado con Color Show Bold Gold. Para mi dedo índice usé de base Orly Gumdrop y realicé el estampado con Bold Gold y la placa BM-407.

Hi girls! I recently joined a Facebook group for local nail fanatics (locals as in, from my same country) and each Sunday we have a challenge, which is usually a technique. For the past week the challenge was doing a mani with these kind of vintage roses. It was my first time trying and, while it's far from perfect, I kinda like it.
I started with a base of a local polish, Etienne Half Creme, which is a pale pink kinda jelly polish that is opaque in 2 thick coats (but I still had to be careful not to drag the polish and end with bald spots). For the roses I used a dotting tool and a fine nailart brush and the following nail polish colors: OPI Flower to Flower (darker pink), Finger Paints Papier Maché (highlights) and Essence Viva la Green (leaves). I also added some small dots in gold with Maybelline Color Show in Bold Gold
I also did an accent nail with some stamping. As a base for my accent I used Orly Gumdrop, which is a blue-green creme that it's a bit thick and opaque in 2 coats. I waited for it to dry, while I did the roses on the rest on my nails, and then stamped using the cameo image from BM-407 (from the Create Your Own collection) and Bold Gold. Sadly my nails are super tiny, so not all the pretty details of the stamp fitted on it.

Overall I'm happy with the result, the color combination is really sweet and girly, but I hope to improve my skills on the roses for the next time. From a distance, they look cute :)

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked today's nailart.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Geometric Nails

Hola niñas, como están? Espero que muy bien y abrigadas :) Hoy les traigo un nailart geométrico usando este holográfico turquesa precioso que me enviaron hace un tiempo de Brasil. El efecto holo era mucho más intenso en la vida real y no lo pude capturar para nada con la cámara, en parte porque le puse capa protectora y eso como que mata el efecto. Usé dos capas de Finger Paints Papier Maché como base y sobre eso pinté los triángulos con Impala Realize Tudo Prismático y finalmente agregué las líneas doradas con Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold.

Hey girls! How are you doing? I hope summer is treating you well, here it's definitely getting colder brrr. But I'm lucky to live in a city that still sees a lot of sunshine during Fall and Winter, so I have a holographic gometric nail art to show with you today.
I started by using two coats of Finger Paints Papier Maché as my base. Then I used Impala Realize Tudo which is a lovely scattered turquoise holo (it is much more holo IRL, but I used top coat to protect my design and that kinda killed the effect, sigh). Finally I used Maybelline Color Show in Bold Gold to add the golden lines and finish off the design.
Overall, I'm really happy with the result. When I finished, I realized it reminded me a lot of my favorite character from my favorite TV show from back when I was 14-15, Magic Knight Rayearth. It was a magical girl show where three high school girls are transported to a different world they have to save by becoming the legendary Magic Knights.
Umi Ryuuzaki was the water knight, so she always used turquoise and blue, in adittion to gold and white, in her outfits. It was a happy coincidence and it brought me back to my early highschool years.

Anyway, I hope you liked today's post. I've been working more on nailart lately, sometimes sucessfully, sometimes it's a complete fail. And I'm gonna share it all with you, so be prepared ;)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Earthquake Nails

Hola niñas! Como están? Espero que bien, después del medio remezón que nos afectó anoche acá en el Norte (8.2ºR). En Antofagasta el terremoto no fue tan TAN fuerte, pero si nos asustó mucho, sobretodo cuando sonaron las alarmas de tsunami y tuvimos que evacuar toda la zona costera. Afortunadamente la situación está casi normal en mi ciudad, pero Iquique y Arica fueron mucho más afectadas. En el momento que escribo esto, sólo sé que la FEUC está recibiendo ayuda en Santiago para ayudar a los más afectados en el extremo Norte. Estas son las uñitas con las que me pilló el terremoto: Catrice Grey's Kelly de base con estampado usando la plaquita Moyou London Suki 04 y uno de los nuevos esmaltes cromados de Pamela Grant, Lila Chrome.
Some of you may know, or not know yet, that a big 8.2ºR earthquake affected the North of Chile last night. It wasn't as intense where I live, but it still scared the crap out of us because tsunami alarms went off and we had to evacuate. We're back to our place, and every one and everything is safe (including my nail polish collection!).

Yesterday in the afternoon I did this mani before going out. So even if the world seemed like it was falling apart, I still had pretty nails.
I used Grey's Kelly by Catrice as a base, which is a medium taupe that leans purple. I'm not usually a fan of neutral nails, but this is a pretty color, easy to apply in two coats
I added the stamping using a new chrome polish from a local brand, Lila Chroma by Pamela Grant with the Moyou London Suki 04 plate. I haven't tried this on its own, but it was amazing for stamping! Very opaque and easy to work with, like most chromes are.
In real life, this is a far more subtle mani. I showed it to my mom and though she squinted her eyes, she couldn't see the design "I see something sparkly, right?". So in retrospective it may not have been the best idea but it certainly served me to try these new local chromes for stamping, which is why I got them for (and for $2!).

Thanks for reading and keeping up with me :)