Monday, April 28, 2014

Stamped Galaxy Nails

Hola niñas! El desafío de la semana pasada en el grupo de Facebook eran las uñas de galaxia, pero la típica que se hace con esponjado. Yo hice un poco de trampa y he aquí mi resultado. Como base usé Passion Shift de Ninja Polish, que es un esmalte multicromático con efecto holográfico que por si solo da el efecto galaxia *_* Sobre eso estampé una estrella fugaz de la placa Nailz Craze 02 con Maybelline Bold Gold y añadí otras estrellitas a mano alzada.

Hello girls! I hope you are all doing well. Over here things are great, I passed my final presentation with the highest grade, woo hoo! I'm officially a Graphic Designer now :)

So here are my nails for last week's challenge on my FB group: galaxy nails! The challenge was the standard sponging galaxy nails but I've already done that so I thought to put a spin on it.
I started with two coats of Ninja Polish Passion Shift which is an *amazing* polish. It's a multichrome blue with a strong holographic effect. In the shade the polish shifts from blue to purple and even to pink and gold on extreme angles. Under sunshine the blue and purple flash are predominant and the holographic effect is really intense (much more than in my pictures).
Once the base was dry I added the stamping using Nailz Craze 02 and Maybelline Bold Gold. The shooting star was too big for my nails, but I made it work by stamping it twice on both of my nails. I also stamped smaller stars from the same plate, but the transfer was less than ideal so I added them with a brush.
I'm super happy with this mani! Even though the holo from Passion Shift is dulled a bit from the topcoat it still is very visible under sunshine and with the multichromatic effect -wow!

A while ago I ordered some multichomatic polishes from I Love Nail Polish that should be here any day. I can't wait to try them with a holographic top coat to recreate this effect. I currently own Hits Hefesto but I've been thinking about getting Dance Legend's Top Prismatic, what do you think?

Thanks for reading :)