Thursday, April 10, 2014

Geometric Nails

Hola niñas, como están? Espero que muy bien y abrigadas :) Hoy les traigo un nailart geométrico usando este holográfico turquesa precioso que me enviaron hace un tiempo de Brasil. El efecto holo era mucho más intenso en la vida real y no lo pude capturar para nada con la cámara, en parte porque le puse capa protectora y eso como que mata el efecto. Usé dos capas de Finger Paints Papier Maché como base y sobre eso pinté los triángulos con Impala Realize Tudo Prismático y finalmente agregué las líneas doradas con Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold.

Hey girls! How are you doing? I hope summer is treating you well, here it's definitely getting colder brrr. But I'm lucky to live in a city that still sees a lot of sunshine during Fall and Winter, so I have a holographic gometric nail art to show with you today.
I started by using two coats of Finger Paints Papier Maché as my base. Then I used Impala Realize Tudo which is a lovely scattered turquoise holo (it is much more holo IRL, but I used top coat to protect my design and that kinda killed the effect, sigh). Finally I used Maybelline Color Show in Bold Gold to add the golden lines and finish off the design.
Overall, I'm really happy with the result. When I finished, I realized it reminded me a lot of my favorite character from my favorite TV show from back when I was 14-15, Magic Knight Rayearth. It was a magical girl show where three high school girls are transported to a different world they have to save by becoming the legendary Magic Knights.
Umi Ryuuzaki was the water knight, so she always used turquoise and blue, in adittion to gold and white, in her outfits. It was a happy coincidence and it brought me back to my early highschool years.

Anyway, I hope you liked today's post. I've been working more on nailart lately, sometimes sucessfully, sometimes it's a complete fail. And I'm gonna share it all with you, so be prepared ;)

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