Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Earthquake Nails

Hola niñas! Como están? Espero que bien, después del medio remezón que nos afectó anoche acá en el Norte (8.2ºR). En Antofagasta el terremoto no fue tan TAN fuerte, pero si nos asustó mucho, sobretodo cuando sonaron las alarmas de tsunami y tuvimos que evacuar toda la zona costera. Afortunadamente la situación está casi normal en mi ciudad, pero Iquique y Arica fueron mucho más afectadas. En el momento que escribo esto, sólo sé que la FEUC está recibiendo ayuda en Santiago para ayudar a los más afectados en el extremo Norte. Estas son las uñitas con las que me pilló el terremoto: Catrice Grey's Kelly de base con estampado usando la plaquita Moyou London Suki 04 y uno de los nuevos esmaltes cromados de Pamela Grant, Lila Chrome.
Some of you may know, or not know yet, that a big 8.2ºR earthquake affected the North of Chile last night. It wasn't as intense where I live, but it still scared the crap out of us because tsunami alarms went off and we had to evacuate. We're back to our place, and every one and everything is safe (including my nail polish collection!).

Yesterday in the afternoon I did this mani before going out. So even if the world seemed like it was falling apart, I still had pretty nails.
I used Grey's Kelly by Catrice as a base, which is a medium taupe that leans purple. I'm not usually a fan of neutral nails, but this is a pretty color, easy to apply in two coats
I added the stamping using a new chrome polish from a local brand, Lila Chroma by Pamela Grant with the Moyou London Suki 04 plate. I haven't tried this on its own, but it was amazing for stamping! Very opaque and easy to work with, like most chromes are.
In real life, this is a far more subtle mani. I showed it to my mom and though she squinted her eyes, she couldn't see the design "I see something sparkly, right?". So in retrospective it may not have been the best idea but it certainly served me to try these new local chromes for stamping, which is why I got them for (and for $2!).

Thanks for reading and keeping up with me :)

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  1. So glad to hear you are alright! When I heard about the quake I instantly thought of you but I know that letting other people know you're safe (apart from family and close friends) ranks lower on the list than immediate concerns. Anyway, I'm happy that you are well and your np collection too!!

    Chester :)