Friday, November 7, 2014

Hare Flight of the Flamingos

Hola niñas! Hoy les traigo el segundo Hare que adquirí en mi último pedido de Etsy y que aún no había compartido con ustedes. Este es Flight of the Flamingos y es una base jelly de color beige llena de glitters rosados neon y un toque de glitter dorado (además hay un shimmer dorado que aparece en la foto macro). Es muy fácil de aplicar, con 3 capas finas logré que fuera totalmente opaco. Simplemente, me encanta! :)

Hi girls! Today I bring you the second Hare I got on the latest restock of Nicole's Etsy Store, of which you already got a peek of from my BCA mani from a couple weeks back,
Fligh of the Flamingos was part of the Tropics are Calling collection from Summer 2013. It is a light beige crelly base, that leans slightly pink with my skintone, filled with neon pink and gold glitters. It was very easy to apply, with good glitter pay off and opaque in 3 thin coats.
The assortments of glitters is interesting and balanced, neon pink is the predominant color with large hexagonal and square glitter and medium hex, which is complemented by a sprinkle of tiny hexagonal gold glitter and a golden shimmer that I noticed only in the macro shots (nice surprise though!).
Overall, I'm really happy with this one. The gold and neon pink glitter go so well together and the light base just ties in everything together so beautifully. I'm looking forward to what she'll be releasing next to add to my collection :)

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