Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall Stamping with Zoya Yuna

Hello girls! I've been quiet lately because it's hard to blog when I only paint my nails on Sunday evening and lately all my nails have been kinda fails so I didn't feel like taking pics and sharing. Today's nailart turned out OK, though a bit Fall-ish (when Spring just started here lol).

Anyway Istarted with a base of Zoya Yuna, which I got on my recent trip to Santiago last week. I was very drawn to the green-gold shimmer on the bottle, I wish it was more visible on the nail (though I only saw it under artificial light so it may have been more noticieable under sunlight? dunno). Anyway, it was very easy to apply in two coats.
I waited for my base to dry for a bit and then added the stamping using Moyou London's 02 and Maybelline Bold Gold.

Also this was my first time succesfully using my new Moyou London Marshmallow Sticky stamper. I had to was it a couple of times with dishwasher for it to pick up properly and found out that direct pressing on the plate instead of rolling, like I'm used to, worked better for picking up images. also using reaaaally light pressure.

I didn't get the greatest stampig but I think it's more user error, I'll keep using the stamper and will let you know how it goes.
 And here's a macro shot to show off the pretty shimmer (why doesn't it look like this normally?? *shakes fist at invisible shummer*). Also here you can really appreciate my crappy stamping job hah hah.
Anyway I hope you liked it, I'm on the fence about it right now, maybe it'll grow on me.

Have you tried Moyou London's Marshmallow XL stamper? Do you like these super sticky stampers?

Take care and see you on the next post!

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