Monday, May 19, 2014

ILNP Nail Mail!

Hola chicas! Hoy les traigo un adelanto de lo que puede que vean próximamente en el blog. La semana pasada por fin llegaron mis esmaltes I Love Nail Polish que pedí a principios de Abril. Son her-mo-sos! ILNP es una marca estadounidense de esmaltes indie, que se especializa en multicromático y holos, que es lo que pedí. Los tonos que ven aquí son: Sirene (multicromático verde/azul/morado), Undenied (multicromático rosa/morado/dorado) y Kings & Queens (morado con efecto holográfico linear).
Hey girls! Today I'm sharing with you my latest nail mail, one I was very much anticipating, my very first I Love Nail Polish... polishes lol. ILNP is an indie brand of polish that is most well know for its amazing multichromatic and holographic shades, which was what I chose for my first order with them.
First thing that I loved as soon as I opened the box was this beautiful personalized tissue paper. Isn't it lovely? I love it when brand take this extra care in their presentation. Inside were my polishes wrapped up in bubble wrap. As you can see, they arrived safe and sound, even if they took their sweet time doing so (these shipped April 9th and got to me on May 14th)
The boxes that enclose the polishes are beautiful and the cardboard is very sturdy, so it'll stand the constant use well. I also love the diecut heart, it's a cute touch if you display your polishes in something like a shelf, but if you don't they also have the sticker with the name on top.
So, a closer look at my order. I got, from left to right: Sirene, Undenied and Kings & Queens. All my choices were part of the 2014 spring collection, which was a happy coincidence. I'm amazed by all the color shifts in the multichromatic bottles, I never thought one polish could contain so many colors at the same time *gasp*. Kings and Queens is gorgeous, and the holographic effect is REALLY strong, but I took my pics indoors so it doesn't show much.

Have you tried ILNP? Which is your favorite? I'd love to know as I think I'll need to place another order sometime soon, they have so many great shades.

Thanks for reading!

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