Friday, August 24, 2012

Nail Polish Collection: Sparkles!

Hi girls! Today it's the official end of my nail polish collection series. Phew, took a while, huh? So we'll go with a pared of bright colorful glitters and flakies (my personal obsession, you'll see).

Glitters from L-R: Etienne Bijoux Strass (holographic hex glitter), Color Club Si Vous Please?, China Glaze Marry a Millionaire, Love & Beauty Blue, Love & Beauty Gold Rush, Essence.

And for some reason I forgot to include OPI Rainbow Connection, which is my favorite multi-color glitter. Oh well, it's flakies time now!

L-R: Nubar 2010, Essence Night in Vegas, Ludurana Arco Iris, Ludurana Trovao, OPI I Lily Love You, Impala Paz e Amor, Essence Midnight Date/City that never sleeps.

When I first got into nail polish flakies really attracted my attention, more even than holos. Their color shifting ways were just so mysterious to me as an emerging nail polish fanatic. I went through a phase of "MUST HAVE ALL THE FLAKIES" lol.

Some of my favorite glitters are the Love & Beauty Gold Rush (which you saw on this glitter gradient) and OPI Rainbow Connection. My favorite flakies are Nubar 2010 (green to red) and Ludurana Trovão  (green to blue).

Are you a flakie or glitter girl?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Dear Estivalia, I am a flake girl. I do love them. And I am really curious about that Impala paz e amor polish.

    However, I have to say, the font of your blog is small and grey and background is so white, it is really hard to read the post.

  2. Totally more of a glitter girl. Maybe because every time I have tried to order flakies my order shows up with a refund and no flakies. So I have no experience with them.