Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Emily de Molly - A Certain Shade of Green

Hi girls! How have you been? I hope winter is treating you kindly, wherever you are (here summer it's still in full swing, don't hate 8)

Today I'm sharing one of my first Emily de Molly polishes (the other I got at the same time as this was Cosmic Forces). Emily de Molly is an australian brand of indie polishes which features beautiful mixes of glitter and linear holographic polishes.
A Certain Shade of Green is a mix of silver, lime green and tiny lavender glitter in a seafoam green jelly/creme base.

It was opaque in 3 easy coats, but to get the maximum amount of glitter I put the bottle upside down for a few minutes between coats and used the dabbing method to spread the glitters evenly on the nail (thought I did get some bubbling on some nails, but that's my fault not the polish).
I just love how the glitters seem to be suspended in the jelly base! The base color is also perfect, because it's in that blue-green territory I just love and can't resist. The mix of glitter is super interesting too, I feel like they're tiny flowers and leaves peaking up from underwater and somehow that makes me think of Ophelia.
Do you like indie polishes? I was kind of skeptical at first, but I've come to love some indie brands like Hare and, now, Emily de Molly. I already have some more of her polishes in my wishlist ;)

I got my Emily de Molly polishes from a Llarowe restock for $13.00 each (plus shipping, which was not cheap but these little gems are worth it, imho). If you're in Australia you can also get them from the Emily de Molly site.


  1. What a beautiful nail polish! It seems worth the price tag :)

    Personally I'm not very interested in indie polishes because I don't like to wear a lot of glitter nail polish and most of the indie brands create glitterbombs. But I'd like to try some indie duochromes, like ILoveNP's. Someday ... when I hauled some more Essies, OPIs, China Glazes, and Dance Legends and my wishlist is shorter ... ;-)

  2. How have I not seen this EdM before? It's gorgeous...those sparse lavender hexes. *sigh* Nice swatches! I only have two EdM (also from a Llarowe restock), but plennnnnty on my wishlist, now including this baby!