Wednesday, February 19, 2014

P2 Attraction and Stamping

Hola niñas! Hoy les traigo un nailart estampado con colores bien veraniegos (según yo). El esmalte de base es P2 110 Attraction, un fucsia con un brillito azul bien sutil. Para estampar usé Midnight Metal de Estée Lauder, un azul metálico super opaco por lo que funcionó perfecto para estampar con la placa Moyou London Suki 04.

Hi guys! Today I have a stamping manicure to share with you, using polishes that I got from amazing nail buddies :) Since getting a XL Squishy stamper I've been obsessed with stamping manis, specially now that I finally mastered the technique with this stamper (it was hard at first, I was so used to my firm Konad one)
For the base I used P2 110 Attraction, a bright fuchsia with a somewhat subtle blue shimmer, which gives it an overall cooler tone. For the stamping I used Estée Lauder Midnight Metal, a beautiful saphire blue metallic, with the Moyou London Suki 04 plate.
I was really happy with the outcome, specially because this was the first time that stamping with the squishy stamper wasn't a nightmare for me, haha. This article on how to prep the pad by Michelle from Magic Talons was a real life saviour (check out the rest of her posts too, her stamping skills are amazing).
I was hesitant to share this last pic, macro is NOT kind to my skills lol, but I think it shoes how well this Estée Lauder stamps, giving crisp lines. I need to figure out if we got this collection here, because I might need a couple more :)

Thanks for reading!

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