Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Pudding Nails

Hey girls! I didn't mean for my christmas nailart series to only consists of two post but sadly, things happen. And the thing that happened to me was that I got a temporary position for a department store that just finished yesterday :) It was a great chance for me since I've never worked retail before and I learnt a lot, but my nails took a real hit, now I'm sporting super nubs and waiting for them to recovery a little before sharing manis again. Until that happens I have one last Christmas mani to share with you.

For this nailart I wanted to use all or most of the shades from the Lime Crime Les Desserts collection, which is one of my favorite collections of all time, and since those remind me of sweets I thought of doing a drip nailart combined with some mistletoe for a kind of non-traditional Christmas pudding look.
From my index to pinkie we have, as base: Parfait Day, Once in a Blue Mousse and Lavendiary. For the drip part I used Milky Ways and for the mistletoe Pastelchio and China Glaze Strawberry Fields.

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas Days with your loved ones and hopefully Santa brought you lots of nail polishes to play with :)

Thanks for reading!

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