Monday, December 8, 2014

Moyou 30k Recap

Back in the first week of November Moyou London announced yet another nailart contest on their Instagram account in honor of hitting 30,000 followers. The challenge was to upload a nailart inspired by a character from Alice in Wonderland, each week during November. This obviously seemed more manageable than the Rainbow Challenge, which was a daily thing, so of course I had to try my hand at it.

Today I'll be sharing with you my four entries for this challenge (which you might already seen if you follow me on Instagram).

First week was inspired by the Queen of Hearts. I was inspired by the design of the character from the classic Disney movie and added some partially painted white roses. I used mainly the Pro 04 plate with a little addition of Fashionista 05 and Topa Topa 04. As bases I used OPI My Vampire is Buff, Sparitual Spellbound and Colorama Amarelo Sol. For stamping I used Konad Black, White and Spellbound,

The next week was dedicated to the White Rabbit. I don't have any rabbit or clock images from Moyou so I had to get creative to get close to the theme. I used an image from Kaleidoscope 02 and free handed some arms to turn the image into a clock. I also used Hipster 02 for the bowtie and patterns from the Tourist 07 plate as backgrouds, everything else is freehanded.

Third week was dedicated to the Mad Hatter. I drew inspiration mainly from the character from the Tim Burton film portrayed by Johnny Depp by representing different parts of his outfit on my nails.  On my index I depicted the hat, with the baroque pattern and peacock feathers, on my middle nail I represented the bowtie. Then I added the famous 10/6 by hand painting and a hat pattern. For this nailart I used Tourist 07, Artist 02 and Hipster 02 plates.
And finally, we have Alice! I used mainly pastel yellow, light blue, black and white for this soft and cute nailart. I represented Alice herself, her outfit and parts of her journey in my entry. I used Artist 02 for Alice's face (which I painted in as a stamping decal) and for the backgroud swirls on my ring finger, Hipster 02 for the bow and hair in my index and the tea cup in my ring finger and Pro 04 for the roses.

Overall, I'm not really happy with how many of these turned out. Even though I had some nice ideas (like turning the Kaleidoscope image into a clock) my execution wasn't the best as I kinda rushes my manis because I didn't get any inspiration until the last minute. Honestly, at some times it felt more like a chore than a fun thing. However, I love my Alice mani because of the color scheme and how the stamping turned out, I think I did well in representing the character too.

Do you participate in nail art competitions? I try to participate in Moyou's contests whenever I have the chance, even though I haven't won anything -so far- I like that it makes me *really* look at my plates to come up with ways to acommodate the theme. 

Thanks for reading and see you on my next post!

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