Friday, December 12, 2014

Nail Mail: Julep and stamping plates

Hey girls! How are you doing, getting into the holiday spirit yet? Today I have some nail mail to share with you. These are small buys that I did with some friends from a local group within a span of a few weeks. We live in different cities so when we do group buys we pile it up a bit and then the other girls ship us our stuff (which is cheaper than paying separate international shippings). And look who's making another appearance on the blog, my Pom named Puchi (pronounced Poo-she)
We are big fans of stamping in my group so when the girls wanted to order Sugar Bubbles and Vivid Lacquer I jumped at the opportunity to try some myself. I got SB022 and SB025. You know I love japanese patterns and the kokeshis were so cute! I also want to do a mani with the lady blowing the dandelion seeds, it was really popular on stamping groups a while ago. Then we ordered Vivid Lacquer of which I got VL024 and VL028 (steampunk patterns!)
And then I got some polishes too. These are my first Julep plus a new addition to my Butter London collection. The polishes are (L-R): Kimberly, Love, Kayla and Chuffed (the new version).
Anyway, I look forward to sharing these with you soon, maybe for January since I already decided to dedicate December to winter/christmas nailar :)

Thanks for reading!

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